About Us

“Indigo Mental Club” was founded in 2016 in Ukraine and entered the United States in 2019. Since 2016 Indigo Mental Club have over 200,000 students worldwide, over 50international Olympiads, 17 Gold and 35 Silver medals won by Indigo Mental Club at WAMAS International Olympics in 2018-2023. We are proud to have students who became Absolute World Champions in Mental Math, thousands of happy parents and kids

My philosophy of life is non-stop development and progress in all possible ways...

This led me to this truly unique Indigo Mental Club methodology of Mental Arithmetic that helps kids to create bright future by developing and opening full potential of their young and powerful brains. Arithmetic was a real discovery for me, because I couldn’t imagine better way to help kids of our NEW different times to show up as a real geniuses, when the speed of technology development overtakes human’s and where it soon will be necessary to compete next to the presence of artificial intelligence.

Mental Arithmetic is the best training for your child’s brain development as NO OTHER activities to develop cooperation and work of both parts of their brain at the same time, which creates tons of new neuro connections and leads your child to live life experiencing their full potential.

I have over 12 years of experience working with children and now also certified as a trainer of Mental Arithmetic. I constantly discover how to improve children's capabilities and skills to quick analysis, more efficient memorization of facts, better response to stressful situations and grow leadership & confidence in them. Because it's always important for me to use my maximum potentian. There is no better time then childhood to start this path

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