In just 3 short months, you will see progress in your child's

    • Imagination70%
    • Creativity & Arts70%
    • Critical thinking70%
    • Fast Calculation70%
    • Concentration70%
    • Memory & Focus70%
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    Mental Arithmetic - is a unique mental calculation method that helps accelerate your child’s overall cognitive development.

    INDIGO Mental Сlub developed a unique curriculum, which includes tactile, auditory and visual techniques that train your child to make rapid and accurate mental calculations.
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    About us


    Indigo Mental Club around the World

    - over 200,000 students
    - 15 countries
    - 250 cities

    WEB - Indigo Training Platform

    - INDIGO is a founder of web-platform for classes/home
    - User-friendly and interactive
    - Unlimited training within your membership.

    Our Achievements

    - Over 50 olympiads; Indigo’s graduate is an “Absolute World Champion” at the biggest WAMAS International Olympiad for Mental Math
    - 17 Gold & 35 silver medals
    - Over 500 competed
    - Own INDIGO European and America Cup

    Form of Education

    - Complex: Class w/teacher + Platform Training
    - rewards system
    - strong teaching support
    - opportunity to participate in Olympiad

    Indigo Mental America Video

    • Watch our students in action!
    • These results can be achieved by ANY child!
    • No super human abilities are necessary to count rapidly, accurately, FASTER than a calculator.
    • Results of our program are evident in a matter of months.
    • NOW OFFERRING A FREE TRIAL CLASS! Take advantage now to see what else is possible for your Child!


    Since what age we can sign up?
    We do work with kids from 4.5 – 14 years old. What’s important is that your child already knows numbers minimum up to 10 and understands idea of plus & minus. Classes are categorized by age groups, in each group no more than 10 kids.
    How was the mental arithmetic created?
    Mental arithmetic as a discipline appeared in Japan over 5000 years ag. The first abacus was also created there. People used it way before classical math was found.
    How long is the full Indigo curriculum?
    For younger 5–6 yo age groups, the full course is designed for 3 years. First year: all levels of plus & minus combinations up to 99, Second year: all levels of plus & minus combinations up to 999. + start of multiplication & division. Third year: multiplication & division + negative numbers.

    For 7-14 yo age groups, the full course is designed for 2.5 years. First year: all levels of plus & minus combinations up to 999, Second year: mastering addition & subtraction, then multiplication & division. Third year: negative numbers + mastering all levels.
    What is the cost of Indigo Mental Club education?
    3 month – 12 classes are $420, 6 month – 24 classes are $840, 9 month – 36 classes are $1260, 12 month – 48 weeks are $1680. (Discounts are available for new clients, seasonal discounts, Black Friday & Membership extensions).
    Do you have Private Classes?
    Yes, we do have private classes, you can sign up and book teacher’s schedule for min of 9 month
    How many times a week you kids have classes?
    Kids have 1 class a week with the teacher & group in Zoom + 5 more days a week teacher is assigning and leading the practice in your child’s personal account at our signature Indigo training platform. Indigo training platform has additional unlimited training for the whole period of your membership.
    What classes times are available?
    Indigo Mental Club – is afterschool program. So most of the classes start after 4pm ET on weekdays & before lunch time on Saturdays.
    How does learning mental arithmetic help in school mathematics?
    For children to do well in math, they need to develop their ability in fast calculation. Learning mental arithmetic can quickly enhance their competency in calculation. As well as the practice itself improves abilities and speed of your kid’s brain, so they handle any information and school classes including math so much easier & faster.

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